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Sculpture of Venus awakening. 50cm

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Sculpture of Venus awakening, high-quality sculpture reproduction, made of molded marble (marble powder bonded with resins), finely polished and patinated with natural earth, giving it the finish of a sculpture embellished by the passage of time.

Height: 50 cm.

Base measurement: 12 cm diameter.

Approximate weight: 5 kg.

This sculpture can be displayed outdoors, exposed to the elements. Ideal for decoration or as a gift.

Sculpture of Venus awakening. Anonymous author. This sculpture depicts a woman covered with a fine veil that reveals her body. The posture and position of the arms show the gesture of stretching after waking from sleep.

In classical mythology, Venus, identified in Rome with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The myth tells of Venus’s birth from the waters, arising from the foam generated by the fall into the sea of the genitals of the sky god, Uranus, mutilated by his son Cronus-Saturn. The aquatic origin of the goddess highlights Venus’s connection with water as a symbol of fertility, regeneration, and life. Venus was depicted with symbolic attributes such as the rose and the mirror, and animals such as the dove or the swan, and represents love in all its facets, ranging from universal harmony to human desire and passion, beauty, and seduction.

Venus is attributed with loves with various lovers, both divine and human, from the blacksmith and fire god Vulcan, her legitimate husband, or his brother, Mars, the god of war, to mortals such as the beautiful Adonis, whose death she descended into Hades for, or the Trojan prince Anchises, by whom she begot Aeneas, considered by the Romans as her mythical ancestor.

Decorating with reproductions of figures from mythology, such as this Venus sculpture, brings the cultural and aesthetic richness of classical art into our homes. When we incorporate these sculptures into the decoration of both interior and exterior spaces, gardens, and terraces, we infuse them with an air of nobility and serenity to our favorite corners.


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