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Self-made man sculpture. Bronze patina. H 57cm

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Self-made man, a high quality sculpture crafted in molded marble (marble powder bonded with resin). The finishing is done with an aged bronze patina, giving the statue a resemblance to 19th-century bronzes.

Measurements – Height: 57 cm. Width: 22 cm. Depth: 22 cm.

Approximate weight: 10 kg.

The sculpture possesses a magnificent presence suitable for interior decoration. It is not suitable for outdoor use.

The self-made man. This sculpture depicts a man carving himself out of a rough rock. Recreation inspired by works by contemporary artists.

Numerous works reflecting this symbolism have been created over time. Among the most relevant sources of inspiration used by artists for this allegory is the text of the Neoplatonist Plotinus, which served as a reference for many Renaissance artists:

“(…) do as the sculptor who must create a beautiful statue: remove, chisel, polish, and clean until the beautiful face of the statue appears. In the same way, you must also remove everything that is superfluous and straighten what is crooked, purifying the sinister to turn it into brilliance, never ceasing to sculpt your own statue until the divine clarity of virtue shines in you.” (Plotinus, Enn, I 6)

In this image of a man sculpting himself, we can see how the subject strives to mould his body through self-discipline and self-control. This image represents the central idea of Stoic philosophy that each individual has the power to sculpt his own life through his actions and decisions. According to the Stoics, happiness and virtue depend not so much on what happens to us, but on how we react to what happens to us.

Likewise, the image of a man sculpting himself also reflects the Stoic idea that we must accept our fate and adapt to the circumstances around us. Just as a sculptor adapts to the characteristics of the stone he is working with, we must adapt to the situations that life presents us with and find in them opportunities to grow and improve.

In conclusion, the image of a man sculpting himself is a powerful metaphor for Stoic philosophy and its emphasis on self-determination, self-discipline and acceptance of fate. By following Stoic principles, we can sculpt our lives with the same determination and skill as a sculptor moulds his work of art, and thus find the happiness and virtue we long for.

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