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Set of four philosophers. 23 cm.

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Set of four philosophers, sculptures made of molded marble (marble dust bonded with resin). Finished with a patina imitation of aged bronze. Its texture and finish give it the appearance of original statues that have aged over centuries.

The figures are not fixed to any surface.

Measurements of each figure:

  • Width: 7.5 cm. Depth: 7 cm. Height: 23 cm.

Reproductions of sculptures inspired by original museum pieces. Classical art. Handmade in Europe. These figures are ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, foyers, libraries, and offices). Not suitable for outdoor display.

Set of four philosophers. This set consists of four busts of philosophers from Ancient Greece.

From the 7th century BC, philosophical thought emerged in Greece, with the pre-Socratic philosophers, among whom are Pythagoras, Thales of Miletus, or Parmenides, who developed streams of thought that sought to interpret the world based on abstract concepts. In the 5th and 4th centuries BC, great figures such as Socrates, his disciple Plato, and Plato’s disciple Aristotle, laid the foundations of Western thought for subsequent centuries, through schools such as the Platonic Academy, the Aristotelian Lyceum, the Garden of Epicurus, or the Stoics. Greek philosophy will be the foundation of Western philosophy and science, from the medieval era and the Renaissance, to modern age currents such as rationalism, extending to the thought of our contemporary era.

Greek philosophers have inspired numerous works of art from Classical Antiquity to the present day. Medium-sized sculptures, such as this set of Greek philosophers, add a unique touch of distinction to the decoration of our favorite relaxation corners or our workplace, such as a library or an office. Reproductions of art like these sculptures, placed on tables and shelves, mantels or pedestals, in our living room or library, can inspire us and make us feel a special connection to history and philosophy.

Decorating with art serves to bring beauty not only to our home but also to the soul enriched by its profound meaning.


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