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Set of pedestal with bust of Athena

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Set of decorative column and reproduction of sculpture of the Greek goddess Athena made of reconstituted marble (marble powder agglutinated with chronolite). Aging patinas with natural earths

  • Column measurements: Height 95cm; x Width 19cm; x Depth 22cm
  • Measurements statue of Athena: Height 53cm; x Width 18cm; x Depth 33cm
  • Total height statue + column: 148cm

Not suitable for outdoor use.

Athena. 4th century BC. s. Greece. Aegina, Temple of Aphaia. Original in Paros marble. Louvre Museum. Paris.

Athena, also called Pallas Athena, is the Hellenic goddess later identified in Rome as Minerva.  Pallas Athena, emerging armed from the paternal head, represents the wise man always ready to fight against error and ignorance. She is the goddess of war whose attributes are mind and discretion, rather than courage and strength, which is why she was linked to military tactics. She is also the goddess of literature, and presides over the arts, a function in which she tends to supplant the Muses; however, she maintains a closer relationship with philosophy than with poetry and music proper. She is also the protector of crafts and industry, and was often chosen as protector and patroness of cities, as was the case in Athens, a city which even took her name.
Athena’s attributes were the spear, helmet and aegis. On her shield she fixed the Gorgon’s head, given to her by Perseus, which had the power to turn anyone who looked at it into stone. Her plant was the olive tree, and her animal was the owl, symbol of wisdom.


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