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Tanagra. Satyr with flute. 26cm

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Reproduction of a ceramic figure of the tanagra type. Height: 26 cm.

This figure represents a satyr playing a flute. Satyrs were goat-footed divinities of nature, who formed part of the court of the god Dionysus – Bacchus.

The reproductions of Tanagra, which we present, are of great beauty and quality. Faithful replicas of originals figures made ​​in terracotta, polychromed and aged to give them the look that appears after course the centuries.

The Greek terracotta called “Tanagra” are polychromed ceramic figures of small size, which were very valuable objects in the Greek world from the late fourth century BC up to the end of the third century before Christ.

These small statues of great elegance and subtle beauty, were made ​​in the Athenian workshops and it was a coincidence that the first pieces were discovered in Tanagra, from which they received their name.

Used as grave goods, they have also been found in sanctuaries and inside houses as decoration.


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