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Venetian lion I. Sculpture. 47x42cm

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Reproduction of a sculpture of Venetian lion made of molded alabaster with oil polychromy and aged patina, inspired by universal art.

This classical sculpture is inspired by the ornamental lions of the Ravello Cathedral, which is now a museum. These lions provide support to the columns of the pulpit.

Measures of the statue: Height: 47cm; Length: 42cm.

Weight of the statue: 21kg

The lion is a universally employed symbol in the history of art with multiple meanings. Since ancient times, the lion has been associated with royalty due to its imposing presence and majesty. In Ancient Egypt, for example, pharaohs were often depicted alongside lions or as sphinxes with lion bodies to symbolize their divine authority.

In the Western world, this connection with royalty persisted. From the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the lion was used as a heraldic emblem widely adopted by European monarchies, such as the Kingdom of Castile or England. The fierceness of the lion was associated with virtues like courage that were considered characteristic of nobility and royalty.

In Christianity, the lion acquired a religious connotation by being associated with the evangelist Saint Mark. In Christian iconography, Saint Mark is symbolized by a winged lion, referencing the power of the evangelist’s word. The representation of the four evangelists as an eagle, lion, bull, and angel appears in churches and cathedrals throughout Europe from the Middle Ages, enduring through the Renaissance and Baroque to the present day.

Reproductions of large classical sculptures inspired by Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical art, such as this sculpture of Venetian lion, become focal points of a room that attract attention. These works of art stand out in the interior decoration of our homes. Placed in spaces such as foyers, living rooms, libraries, and offices, they add a touch of elegance to our work and leisure spaces. The use of nature motifs like animals, lions, horses, or bulls inspires us with their majesty and fierceness, creating a special dialogue between nature and art.


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