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Venus of the Amphora. 21 x 21 x 92 cm.

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Sculpture of Venus of the Amphora, high-quality reproduction made of molded marble (marble powder agglomerated with resins). The aging finish is achieved through the application of patinas based on natural earth. The finish provides marble and stone textures and the appearance of an ancient carved marble sculpture.

Statue perfectly suited for outdoor decoration such as gardens and terraces or for indoor spaces (living rooms, foyers, libraries, offices, etc.).

Measurements: Height: 92 cm. Width: 21 cm. Depth: 21 cm.

A classical-style sculpture representing the goddess Venus holding an amphora on her shoulder.

The goddess Venus, known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, personifies love, beauty, and fertility. Born from the sea foam, her mythical origin highlights her connection to creation and life. Aphrodite had lovers among gods, such as Ares, the god of war, and mortals, like Adonis, whose death led her to the Underworld, competing with Persephone, the queen of the underworld, for the return of the young man to the world of the living. She is often depicted alongside Eros-Cupid or a court of cherubs, nymphs, and other deities like the Three Graces or the Horae.

Decorating with sculptures of historical or mythological characters, such as this Venus of the Amphora statue, brings the cultural and aesthetic richness of classical art into our homes. When we incorporate these sculptures into outdoor spaces like gardens and terraces, we impart a sense of nobility and serenity to our favorite outdoor corners. The materials used in their manufacture, such as stone and marble molded with resins, replicate the feel and appearance of sculpted stone and withstand exposure to the elements.

Reproductions of large classical sculptures inspired by ancient, Renaissance, or neoclassical art become focal points that stand out in our gardens, transforming them into special and inspiring corners. Mythological characters like gods and goddesses, nymphs and heroes, fauns and bacchants, blend with the surrounding vegetation, establishing an inspiring dialogue between art and nature.


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