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Venus Torso patinated in bronze. 39 cm.

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Sculpture of a Venus Torso patinated in bronze, a high-quality reproduction made of molded marble (marble powder with binding resin). Finished with aged bronze imitation patinas.

Height: 39 cm.

Reproductions of sculptures inspired by original museum pieces. Classic art. Handmade in Spain.

A reproduction of a Venus torso patinated in bronze, this sculpture is ideal for interior decoration (living rooms, foyers, libraries, and offices). Not suitable for outdoor use.

In classical mythology, Venus, the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. The myth tells of Venus’s birth from the foam generated by the sea from the genitals of the sky god, Uranus, mutilated by his son Cronos-Saturn. Venus is often depicted with symbolic attributes such as the rose and the mirror, and animals like the dove or swan.

Venus is associated with loves with various lovers, both divine and human, from Vulcan, the god of blacksmiths and fire, her legitimate husband, or his brother, Mars, the god of war, to mortals like the beautiful Adonis, for whose death she descended to Hades, or the Trojan prince Anchises, with whom she begot Aeneas, considered by the Romans as their mythical ancestor.

Interior decoration with reproductions of sculptures like this Venus torso is an elegant and timeless way to add a touch of sophistication to the spaces of our home.

When incorporating art reproductions like this Venus sculpture into interior decoration, it is advisable to consider the size of the piece in relation to the space it will occupy, the room’s lighting, and the arrangement of the chosen piece in relation to other elements such as furniture, textiles (curtains, rugs, tablecloths), and other decorative objects (paintings, vases…) present in the chosen space. Its presence can serve to highlight a special corner of the room, adding an artistic touch to home decoration.

Decorative figure made in plaster finished in bronzefinished in bronze. Piece made in a special gypsum and iron oxide


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