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Winged disc of Amon Ra. Bas-relief. Width: 91 cm.

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Reproduction of an Egyptian bas-relief of Amon Ra. Made in reconstituted marble (marble powder plus binder). Application of polychromes and ageing patinas with natural earths.


Width: 91 cm. Height: 12 cm. Depth: 2 cm.

Approx. weight: 2 kg.

Bas-relief representing the Egyptian god Amon Ra in the shape of a solar disc with outstretched wings. Ideal for placing above door lintels.

The winged sun disc is one of the most representative images of Amun, one of the most important gods of Ancient Egypt. Amun came to prominence especially from the New Kingdom onwards, when the capital of the Kingdom was transferred to the city of Thebes, where he was the ruling god, becoming syncretised with the god Ra.

This piece is a clear example of the Egyptian ability to combine symbolic meanings. Amun Ra is the spirit of the sun, the red circle represents solar activity, the two cobras in the shape of “Aker”, the divinity who guarded the rising and setting of the sun, emblems of the past and the future, are “those who raise the Sun God who shines on the horizon”, the Goddesses Isis and Nephthys. The wings are those of Nekhebet, the Vulture Goddess, or also the wings of Mut, consort of Amun in Thebes, thus signifying the feminine principle. The feathers remind us of the sun’s rays. The wings are crowned by the horns of the ram god Khum, the dozer of darkness, thus symbolising the victory of light over darkness, of order over chaos.


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