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Sculpted marble sculptures

Carved marble is the basis of the great works of classical art. Its hardness and difficulty give the sculptures a special value.

In we realize your sculptural project in marble stone.

We offer you the possibility to create an original with our sculptors from your project or idea.

We can also transfer to marble, in different sizes, figures and sculptures from our catalogue.

Different marble stones and finishes

The material we work with for the sculptures is Macael White Marble and Belim Limestone.

The sculptures can be finished only with milling machine finishing or with honing and final polishing by hand, varying the cost when the polishing is done by hand by the sculptor (honing).

Macael White Marble

Machine finishing (milling machine)

Macael White Marble

Honed finish

Belim Limestone

Honed Finish

Sizes and motifs

Any motif can be sculpted in marble stone.

Small sizes with details are not suitable because of their fragility, but from 80 cm upwards any marble sculpture shows its beauty in a special way.