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Interior design and decoration projects

Interior design and decoration

Our extensive catalogue together with our professional collaborators form the best team to give shape to your project.

We work for private clients, hotels, urbanisations and communities, villas, gardens, commercial premises, etc.

Interior design and decoration

Decoration ideas

We can advise you

We can advise you about interior decoration, as well as terraces and gardens. In our wide collection of classical sculptures, columns and pedestals, bas-reliefs, moulded marble furniture, you will always find what best suits your decoration. Just call us or write us an email and tell us your idea.

Art and quality in all our sections

Interior design and decoration

Revalue your property for sale

Some of our clients have found with our advice, the way to revalue their property or premises for sale, with a well chosen and exquisite decoration. Not only was it easier to sell, but they were also able to increase their starting price.

Interior design and decoration

Fictitious architecture and themed decoration

We also offer you thematic architectural recreations of ancient monuments, emblematic buildings and Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc. constructions, as well as landscape constructions with rocks and water. Themed decorations and settings for commercial premises or private homes.

Interior design and decoration

Thanks to our professional equipment and modern techniques of fireproof resins and thixotropic mortars, we achieve exceptional results, natural textures and very realistic finishes.

We give shape to your dreams. Your projects are brought to life with incredible realism by our sculptors and experts.

Professional projects

If you wish, we can provide you with professional decorators to give shape to your interior design or landscaping project.

We have the best professionals in the sector