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About us is the embodiment of a dream and a vocation that over the years has brought together one of the largest collections of reproductions of universal art in the world.

This project was born out of a personal love for art, a great passion for beauty that is expressed in nature, in life and artistic creations when they are inspired by the Divine Harmony, and a love for history, that heritage of wisdom of humanity.   

That’s how it all began with a small shop in Malaga (we call it TEBAS), a store that looked more like a museum because it gathered reproductions of Classical Greece, Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the East, etc. The few meters that we had at the beginning were filled with sculptures, bas-reliefs, bronzes, mosaics, and a myriad of curious objects   

That humble establishment eventually grew and became renowned. I remember how some parents visited us on Saturdays with their children, as if it were a museum visit, because at that time in Malaga the Archaeological-Artistic Museum was not yet open. There were also visits from different countries that spent their vacations in the city.   

We had then, as we have now, two essential purposes that move us: .

– Bring the Beauty of Universal Art to the general public so that they can incorporate it into their lives, in the decoration of their spaces, or in their gestures of affection and gratitude in the form of gifts. .

– Sensitize the need to preserve the historical-artistic heritage in museums, raise awareness of the problem of archaeological plundering, while bringing that heritage, through reproductions of high quality, to all lovers of collecting or simply to all the people that  have an aesthetic and cultural sensitivity.   

After those first stages we took a big step, a leap into the virtual world through the Internet. This allowed us to get closer to you, our friends from all over the world.   

We no longer have exposure in a physical store, although we have the dream of opening some day a large museum of artistic reproductions and history of the thought of humanity where, in addition, all the pieces can be acquired … but that is still a dream.

Today is still a family business (now turned into Domus Art) that maintains the same spirit that saw it born. We take care of our collections with the same care we take care of our clients. We still consider that today more than ever is necessary, because for many people it is a refuge of beauty.

For us it is still valid to shine the best of the human being, that timeless maxim of join together Ethos and Esthetos (ethics and beauty) in our lives.


Domus Art Enterprise SLU. NIF B93251403. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Málaga, tomo 5126, folio 156, inscripción 1 con hoja MA-117760.
Commercial name: Decorarconarte

Office: C/ Felix Revello de Toro 54, 29016 Málaga
Department store: C/ Obispo Salvador de los Reyes , 7. CENTROLLETAS. Nave 3C3. 29014, Málaga, Spain

Phone: +34 608 29 80 35 – +34 951 76 85 45