Diana of Gabii of Praxiteles. Height: 164cm

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Diana of Gabii of Praxiteles. Height: 164cm

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Reproduction of the Artemisa of Praxiteles, (s. 4th BC), Louvre Museum.

Reproduction of high quality made with reconstituted marble (marble with resin dust). Finished with old patina.

Measures of the base: Width: 55 cm. Depth: 50 cm Total depth: 60 cm.

Approximate weight: 90 kg.

Perfectly prepared for the decoration of outdoor and indoor.

The stone texture suggest us that we are feeling an ancient original sculpture.

The Diana of Gabii is a statue of a woman draped; probably representing the goddess Artemis, traditionally linked to the sculptor Praxiteles.
In Roman mythology, Diana was the Virgin goddess of the hunt and protector of nature. Its literature equivalent Greek goddess is Artemis, while in worship of italic origin.


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