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Sculpture "self-made man ". Bronze patina. H 57cm

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High quality sculpture made of reconstituted marble (marble powder with resin). The completion is done with an aged bronze patina that gives the statue a resemblance to the bronzes of the 19th century.

"Self-made man "

Measurements - Height: 57cm. Width: 22cm. Background: 22cm.

This sculpture depicts the man sculpting himself from a brute rock. It is an allegory of effort in the conquest and realization of who has made himself
Many works that reflect this symbolism have been made over time. Among the most relevant sources of inspiration used by the artists of this allegory is in the text of the Neoplatonic Plotinus that served as reference to many Renaissance artists:

"(...) Make like the sculptor who must create a beautiful statue: Removes, chisels, polishes and cleans until the beautiful face of the statue appears. In the same way you must also remove everything superfluous and straighten the twisted, purifying the sinister to make it brilliant, while sculpting your own statue until the divine clarity of virtue shines in you. " (Plotinus, Enn, I 6)

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