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Portraits of El Fayun -(01). 41x24cm

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Oil on wood. A replica of a portrait of El Fayun , (First Century BC ).

The portraits of El Fayun are part of the most beautiful paintings on wood portraits that have been preserved from Roman times .
These are portraits that left between the bandages of mummies that represent faithfully the deceased person .
They date from the period of Roman occupation in Egypt, the period between the end of the first century BC to beyond the first century after Christ.
They are part of the tradition of painting on wood, one of the most respected forms of art in the classical world.
El Fayum is an immense oasis in the desert of Egypt. It is located about 30 kilometers west of the Nile . El Fayum was in ancient times the XXI nome of Upper Egypt.

It is a realistic painting , though the eyes are depicted very large, the window to the soul , which to manifest the inner life of the character . These portraits have a suggestive and unique beauty , which is located between the Greek painting , the Roman realistic art, and religion of ancient Egypt.

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