Measures taken in response to the "COVID 19" pa...

Measures taken in response to the "COVID 19" pandemic


The health crisis linked to the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to adapt our organization in accordance with the emergency measures taken by the Spanish government.

We have established the indispensable services and teleworking, as far as possible, to minimize the impact in this extraordinary context. The hygiene and safety measures recommended by the health authorities have also been adopted. The aim is to protect what we value most: the health of our family, our customers, employees and the team of people who make up

As a measure to stop the expansion of the new coronavirus COVID-19, the Spanish government has approved measures that slow down economic activity and the transit of goods.

For this reason the orders received will be registered to reserve for you the items purchased, but will suffer a delay (beyond our control and responsibility) that can add to the usual delivery time of one to two weeks.

We continue to attend to you for any questions or clarifications you may require by e-mail or by telephone 34-608298035 - (M-F) from 10:00 to 13:00

If there is any significant modification derived from government regulations, we will notify our clients immediately.

We hope that together we can make this alteration of our life last a short time and with the least possible consequences for health and the economy.

The human team of wishes you a lot of health and strength, as well as a quick recovery of normality.