Not only clock is a useful element but a decorative and historical object which tells us more than the measure of time. Throughout history they have accompanied humans not just marking time but symbolizing their highest aspirations. Famous is the Roman inscription which read: "your only clock dial happy hours"


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In this section, we offer three sections that meet on the one hand watches of high quality Sun, replicas of watches from the 15th century with guarantee of operation and a section of varied economic clocks for decoration and gift.

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Sundials                           Clocks in the 15th century                    Various clocks




Sundials of precise measurement. The clocks we are all made artesanelmete with careful precision

Medieval clocks. 15th century

Excellent quality watches manufactured following models of the first mechanical clocks in the 15th century.

Various watches

In this section we have selected for you a wide variety of economic and decorative clocks.

History of the measurement of time

History and evolution of watches from antiquity to the clocks ,object which tells us more than the measure of time.