In our view, there are two approaches to the history of art: The first, "The rational manner," the approach to the knowledge of the cultures, their historical contexts, their values ​​as well as their artists, their biographies, their works, and styles, a way that allows us to understand the art in each of its times; the other way to make an approach to the history of art would be the contemplative way, which brings us into contact with their essence, which can awaken our aesthetic sensibility. Both ways complement each other, as do in life the feelings and ideas, as do the two hemispheres of the brain, as well do the poetry and science. We tend more to love the things which we have just met, when it comes into our near.

It is not our intention to create a new encyclopedia of art, there are a few of true gems in this area. We just want the connoisseur of love who are the friends of decorarconarte and are interested in particular for classical art, provide a page which brings us a little closer to the contexts of art history and its evolution over the time.

Pages of History of Art: