Renaissance Madonna. Height: 21cm

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Sculpture of high quality made in reconstituted marble (marble dust agglutinated with cronolite). Reproduction inspired in ancient models of museums.

Dimensions without base: High: 18cm; Width: 15cm; Depth: 9cm

Reproduction inspired in the painting Renaissance Madonna by Filippo Lippi of 1464.

This sculpture recreates which is definitely one of the most beautiful paintings of the Italian Renaissance (by Filippo Lippi). It has rarely been focused on a single work such delicacy and such purity shine. His face is full of lyrical music. It feels, that he is a beautiful woman, outside as well as inside and his headdress of his head accompanies the goodness of the body and beauty of his soul. It has such a transparent and thoughtful look, like the cloth, which falls her from the back of his head and continues on the right of his shoulder. It is a game of nostalgia and life, of absorption and beauty, like it has not been seen to date in the art and, of course, an absolute novelty at the time.

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