Rosetta Stone (Alt:30 cm)

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Relief of the highest quality of reconstituted stone. The patina of aging is applied with natural earth or other methods. The pieces are reproductions or inspirations of Greek, Roman and neo-classical sculptures, which transferred us a great timeless atmosphere.

Measurements: High: 30 cm. Width 24 cm
It has a rear ring to be hung on the wall.

Rosetta Stone Egypt (Ptolemaic period) 203 B.C. Currently in the British Museum Rosetta Stone in its current state, it is an irregularly shaped slab of compact black basalt, which measures about 114 cms. long, 72 cms. wide and has a thickness of 28 cms. It was found in July 1799 in a place near the mouth of the great arm of the Nile that flows through the western delta to the sea, not far from the town of Rasnid, or as the Europeans call it, Rosetta.

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