Geode of Amethyst crystals. 37x21x16cm

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A geode with the crystals of an amethyst of great beauty.

The amethyst is considered a semiprecious stone.

Wooden base included. Total measures: Height: 37cm; Base: 21x16cm.

Height of the geode: 24 cm

The amethyst is the most appreciated variety of quartz. The most perfect amethysts are carved for jewelry, and the rest is used to make objects of art. Traditionally, the amethyst is included between the most valuable gemstones (along with the diamond, the ruby, the sapphire and the emerald).

The amethyst is a mineral of magmatic origin. It is formed in lodes with rich solutions in iron oxides, which gives him its characteristic purple color at a temperatures below 300°C. It is most common to find the amethyst lining the inside of an agate as a geode, sometimes they are gigantic. It also can be found as drusen (a crystals which covers the surface of a stone) or in lodes, accompanied by other minerals.

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