Bust of the Goddess Demeter (Ceres). 41cm.

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Bust of the Goddess Demeter made of reconstituted marble (marble powder + binder). Finished with an aging patina and golden touches. Black wood base

    Total height with base: 41cm. Width: 27cm. Depth 27cm
    Sculpture size: 27x27x39cm
    Wooden base size: 32x22x2cm

The sculpture we reproduce is a recreation of the Greek Goddess Demeter (Ceres in Rome). It is inspired by a 19th century sculpture from a private collection.

The goddess Demeter is the goddess of agriculture, and of the fertiliy of the fields. One of her attributes is usually the ears of wheat that appear in many representations as an offering.

She is associated with the Mysteries of Eleusis where she was worshipped, perhaps related to the mysteries of life and death, of regeneration and rebirth.

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