Alexander the Great. Marble, bronze patina. 62x20cm

Alexander the Great. Marble, bronze patina. 62x20cm

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Reproduction of a sculpture of Alexander the Great.

Decorative figure made of cast marble, finished in bronze.

Not suitable for outdoor decoration.

Dimensions: 62x20cm

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia from 336 BC until his death. Son and successor of Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias of Epirus. Philip had prepared him to reign, providing him a military experience and commending Aristotle his intellectual formation. Alexander spent his first years of his reign imposing their authority over peoples subjected to Macedonia, which had taken advantage of the death of Philip to rebel. And quickly he launched his army against the mighty and extensive Persian Empire, continuing the work that his father had begun shortly before his death: a war of vengeance of the Greeks against the Persians.

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