Polycicle discoforo 50 x 35 x 88 cm

Polycicle discoforo 50 x 35 x 88 cm

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Replication of a sculpture of roman style made in reconstituted marble (marble dust + resin). ​Texture and patina of antique marble.

Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 88 cm (The height may vary slightly by varying the length of the support tube)
Weight: 50 kg.

Historical tab:
Prado Museum
Discóforo "the one that takes the disc"
Antiquity: 130 - 140. Sculpted in white Marble, 88 x 56 cm.
It was one of the first creations of the sculptor Policleto (460-420 BC)., The sculpture faithfully represents the principles of the author's style in which rest and movement are always present, as a representation of harmony by present opposition in the life
It is dated approximately at the end of the time of Adriano, by the characteristics of its composition. The central theme of Policleto's work was the representation of the perfect man. I wanted to represent not only physical perfection, but also the harmony and symmetry that Life expresses through the numerical relationships that Pitagoras taught us. Trying in his works to express the Order and harmony of Kosmos.







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