"Pythagoras" Sculpture. H 25 cm

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High quality Reproduction made of reconstituted marble (marble powder and Cronolita). Aging patina with natural stones, to give the piece an antique look. 

Pythagoras (569-475 BC) was a Greek philosopher. Considered the first pure mathematician, he is well known for his contributions in mathematics. 

In Pythagoras ' time, the Persian invasions had brought the eastern cultures closer to the Greeks, influencing their way of understanding life. One of the fundamental teachings of Pythagoras was that concerning the immortality and transmigration of souls, reincarnation. Hence, the need for purification in everyday life, because souls return to the world in circumstances corresponding to past actions. 
He Founded a "School of philosophy" shaping what became, much more than a School of thought, a way of life.

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