Statue. Venus of Milo. Height: 64cm

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¿Did you dream to have the Venus of Milo at home?

The goddess of eternal youth, love and beauty, can be near you.

Texture of polished marble, its neat style reproduces the excellent beauty of the original

Reproduction made in marble-resin (marble dust + synthetic resin). Termination with antique patina.

Measures of the figure: 64x17x16,5cm; Base: 13x16,5cm

Base: width 15 by Fund 12 by high 2 cm.

The Aphrodite of Milos better known as Venus of Milo is one of the most representative statues of the Hellenistic period of Greek sculpture, and one of the most famous sculptures of the ancient Greece. It was created sometime between 130 and 100 BC, and is believed that it represented Aphrodite (called Venus by the Romans), goddess of love and beauty. Sculpted in marble in a size slightly larger than size of a person, the author is anonymous, although traditionally has been attributed to Praxiteles. He is currently located in the Louvre museum in Paris.​

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