Bust of Athena. 25cm

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Reproduction made ​​in reconstituted marble (marble powder with resin) with an aged surface by the application of natural earth.

Figure of unique beauty ideal for decoration or as an excellent gift. The piece, that we offer has a special elegance and delicacy, which it expressed with their lines.

Measures: Height: 25cm

Athena, also called Pallas Athena, is identified later in Rome as the Hellenic goddess Minerva. Pindaros, the great Greek poet, tells us about his birth: Zeus, the wise counselor, begat she on his head, covered with gold and glittering armor. When the immortals looked at her they were overwhelmed with admiration and respect. The forcible ejection of the goddess with dazzling views, shocked the rest of Olympus: The earth resounded in a terrible noise, the sea was shaken and mingled with the clouds. In the sky the bright son of Hyperion had to stop his horses for a long while, until the Virgin Pallas Athene has been accustomed of the weight of the holy armor on her shoulders.

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