Chronos, God of time. 27cm

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Reproduction of a sculpture of Chronos, God of time.

Great quality antique bronze patina finish

Decorative figure made of resin with bronze finish. Great quality piece and an outstanding finish. Ideal for decoration or gift

Not suitable for outdoors.

Additional information about the character:

In the Greek myths, Crono (Chronos) was the God of the ages (from the gold to the bronze) and the zodiac. It is interlaced with fellow Ananké (the Inexorability) in a spiral around the primordial egg and separated, forming the ordered universe of the Earth, the sea and the sky.

It is remote and incorporeal God of time surrounding the universe, driving the rotation of the heavens and the eternal passing of time.

Decorative figure made in plaster finished in bronzefinished in bronze. Piece made in a special gypsum and iron oxide

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