Cybele Figure. 19x18x13,5 cm

Cybele Figure. 19x18x13,5 cm

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High density resin figures with metallic baths and/or polychrome (bronze, copper, zinc, etc). Decorative elements of great beauty and detail. Reproductions of the Universal art, Gods, heroes and mythological themes of antiquity, Greece, Rome, Neoclassicism, Egypt, Art Deco. A great offer of extraordinary quality.


Originally, it was the goddess Frigo, identified with Mother Earth and Nature. It appears in the Greek mythology in the myth of Atalanta and Hippomenes, two lovers converted by Cibeles in Lions (according to other versions, by the Goddess Zeus). 
Cibeles, enraged by the ungodly union of lovers within a sacred enclosure dedicated to it, makes them condemned lions to pull their chariot eternally and without being able to look at each other. 
Usually appears carrying the Keys that give access to all the riches of the earth, and sitting on a throne accompanied by two lions (or sitting on a wagon pulled by two lions, as in the Cibeles Fountain, Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid), representing the superiority of the Nature above all things. 

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