Giralda of Seville. 31x7x7 cm

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comes from the sculpture that the crown, 'The Giraldilla', an 'Allegory of the Faith' made in bronze by the sculptor Bartolomé Morel in 1564. We are before the old minaret of the Almohad mosque, erected between 1184 and 1196 by the alarifs Ahmad ibn Base and Ali de Gomaa. Its current height, approximately 97 m, is the result of the attachment of several bodies in the Renaissance period (towards 1568), the work of Hernán Ruiz. To do so, it was necessary to eliminate the primitive upper auction, devoid of the yamur of the golden apples. In general, the works respected the primitive structure of the minaret (except the balconies with balusters), where the brick is predominant as a constructive material. The vertical division of its walls, its polylobular arches and its abundant decoration of the rhombus net (known as sebga) make La Giralda one of the richest and most interesting testimonies of Almohad architecture in Spain.

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