Goddess Fortune (29x10x10cm)

Goddess Fortune (29x10x10cm)

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Contained in metallic resin.


Fortune was, in Roman mythology, the goddess of luck, good or bad, although it always tended to associate it with good - fasto - and fertility; so adversity has become almost synonymous with misfortune or "something unfortunate". His allegory used to be the wheel of fortune, a kind of roulette which meant the chance or randomness of the good or bad fortune; as regards representation of its positive aspect, it used to figurár him with the cornucopia. Attached to fortune was the occasion (often confused with the same Fortune), which represented almost completely bald, with only a guedeja or a small tuft, which a good fortune was understood at once difficult to catch (as it is difficult to catch someone bald hair), other representations Fortune appeared figurative a similarly to the justice: with the veiled eyes or a rudder that was already flying the fate of humanity.




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