Frieze of Santiago of Carrión de los Condes. 29x6cm

Frieze of Santiago of Carrión de los Condes. 29x6cm

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High quality figures in reconstituted marble (resin + powder and marble grain). Patina of aged with natural lands. Reproductions or inspirations in old models.

Frieze reproduction of the cover of the Church of Santiago de Carrión de los Condes.

The Villa de Carrión de los Condes, flattered by its prosperity in the ' Pilgrim's Guide ', was one of the main landmarks of the Camino de Santiago. From its medieval past there are still important artistic samples that reflect very well the splendor that the place enjoyed during the 11th and 12th centuries. One of these works is the Church of Santiago, provided with a western façade with frieze and cover that were placed around the decade of 1160-1170, as a big propaganda screen. The frieze that crowns this façade constitutes one of the masterpieces of Romanesque sculpture in the Iberian Peninsula. Known and valued since ancient, it is a landmark unavoidable in the artistic historiography of medieval Hispanic art. It depicts the figure of the Pantócrator inside a mando, shot by the Tetramorfos and flanked by the Apostolic College arranged under frilobuladas arches separated by columns.

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