Mask in relief of Heracles. H: 40 cm

Mask in relief of Heracles. H: 40 cm

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Piece of high quality made in reconstituted marble with a patina of bronze. Reproduction inspired by universal art.

Mask in relief of Heracles with metal base.

Measurements: Height: 40 cm; Width: 22 cm; Depth: 10 cm; Base: 15 x 15 cm

Heracles - Hercules: Son of Alcmena and Zeus. Author of countless exploits and adventures, such as the Twelve Works. Considered as the Hellenic hero by antonomasia, his first feat was by strangling the two serpents that the goddess Hera, Zeus' spouse, maddened by her husband's betrayal, sends to kill the newborn. Heracles did many other works and after his death married the goddess Hebe, the eternal youth. Iconography usually depicts him dressed in the skin of Nemea, his mace, and his formidable bow. Heracles is the symbol of the striving hero, to which later stoicism was somewhat attracted to his cause.

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