Bas-Relief. Heracles with lion skin. 86x59cm

Bas-Relief. Heracles with lion skin. 86x59cm

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Bas-relief made in molded alabaster with polychrome in oil and patina of aging, inspired in the universal art.

Measures of the relief: 86x59x4cm

HydriaScene based on vases that are located in the British Museum. Mainly of the Hamilton vase.

Hydria is the type of vase, in which were inspired for this relief and which was performed by the artist Meidias Painter. The upper register depicts the abduction of the Leucippus by the Dioscuri, in the lower one it shows Heracles in the garden of the Hesperides and a group of local Attic heroes. This vase is dated in 420/400 before Christ and is now in the British Museum in London.

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