"Pietà" Sculpture. Michelangelo. H 22 cm

"Pietà" Sculpture. Michelangelo. H 22 cm

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High quality Reproduction made of reconstituted marble (marble powder and Cronolita). Aging patina with natural stones, to give the piece an antique look. 

"Pietà" Sculpture by Michelangelo on marble pedestal. Dimensions: Pedestal: 11 x 11 x 2 cm; Total height: 22 cm

The original work is currently located in the "Museum dell'Opera del Duomo", Florence. 

Sculpture in pyramid scheme in which four characters appear. Christ in the center of Sculpture, appears in a very unstable position as slipping from the people who hold it, accentuating the sense of spirituality. Nicodemus (possibly José de Arimathea, with a face that has been interpreted as the sculptor's self portrait), is the figure that occupies the cusp of the pyramid. On your left is Mary, the mother of Jesus, who holds the inert body of her son and on her right, Mary Magdalene. 

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