Ceremonial relief of Eleusis. 24x35x1,5cm

Ceremonial relief of Eleusis. 24x35x1,5cm

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Reproduction of a relief realized in reconstituted marble (marble dust agglutinated with cronolita).

With patina of aging to give him an antique look.

The patina of aging is applied with natural earth.

The piece is a reproduction inspired in historical classical bas-reliefs.

Historical data of the Original:

Author: Unknown author

Date: 440-430 BC

Museum: National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Material: marble

This great relief, dated between the years 440-430 BC, comes from the sanctuary of Demeter in Eleusina. The goddess Demeter holding a sceptre while that on the right is her daughter Persephone holding a long torch is represented on the left. The Center is occupied by naked Triptolemus, with the imatio cast over his right shoulder. The relief described the moment that Demeter delivers to Trptolemo gold pins while Persephone blesses them. Demeter wearing Ionian tunic of wool that falls in heavy folds. Persephone wears a chiton Ionic with wide variety of folds. The three figures create an atmosphere of Mystic exaltation with his expression and attitude.

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