Bas-relief. Babylonian Archer. 48x111x3cm

Bas-relief. Babylonian Archer. 48x111x3cm

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Title: Babylonian Archer looking right

Decorative polychrome relief realized in reconstituted marble (marble dust agglutinated with cronolite) with patina of aging, inspired in the universal art.

Relief mounted on a wood frame.

The measures includes the frame.

These pieces inspired by fragments of bricks moulded and glazed, representing two doríforos also called "frieze of the Immortals". Were found in the room of the throne of the Royal Palace of Darius in Susa, 5th century BC. These Doríforos or Persian Lancers, have constituted one of the issues that art has become more popular, appearing in all encyclopedias as inevitable example of Persian art and even beauty model.

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