Bas-relief. Winning athlete. 65x62x4cm

Bas-relief. Winning athlete. 65x62x4cm

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Decorative polychrome relief realized in reconstituted marble (marble dust and cronolite) with patina of aging, inspired in the universal art.

Relief mounted on a wood frame.

The measures includes the frame.

Fragment of a Greek amphora. Classical Greek not understood the competition as it is today, stood look to the heroes of the archaic period and aspired to imitate them. In fact, stand out from others committed to a Community action, Aristóteles defined it as "community" (zoon politikon); the Greek word "agon" applied to the Homeric heroes, means being the best (aristeuein), not to be the first (proteuein). In the image, the athlete carries a ring (balance) and a rooster (victoria).

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