Relief in frame. Bicephalous snake. 100x55cm

Relief in frame. Bicephalous snake. 100x55cm

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Relief in black frame of wood.

Bas-relief of high quality made in reconstituted marble (marble dust and cronolite). Patina of aging with natural earth. Reproduction is inspired in ancient models from museums.

Measures of the frame: 100x55x5cm

Measures of the relief: 84x40cm

Interpreted carving of a snake of a pectoral Azteca of Turquoise, shell, wood and jade. The symbology mexica (Aztecs) was the synthesis of beliefs and ancient traditions of the ancient Mesoamerican peoples, a complexity which implied the existence, the creation of the universe and the situation of the human being with regard to the divine. Coatl, serpent name, reflects material or earthly elements. In this image, there is also an aspect of duality representing the spiritual and physical principles have connection.

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