Tapestry, The Astronomers. 240x176cm

Tapestry, The Astronomers. 240x176cm

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Wall tapestry. Composition: 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester and Acrylic.

All of our tapestries are woven on Jacquard, computerized looms with yarn of a wide range of colors and that follows an artisan process.

Lined and ready to hang up. The rods and the tassels are not included.

Selection: Tapestry, The Astronomers. 240x176cm

Product no. Tamaño Status Price
Tapiz-Astronomos-RD-773-240x176cm Grande
2,230.00 € *
Tapiz-Astronomos-RD-773-177x123cm Mediano
890.00 € *
Tapiz-Astronomos-RD-773-100x85cm Pequeño
398.00 € *

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