Vase of the Qumran Scrolls

Vase of the Qumran Scrolls

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Handmade ceramic vessel. Delivered with a papyrus without text.

Vessel dimensions: •Height 33-35 cm •Diameter 14-15 cm

Qumran's manuscripts were found in 1947 in a cave near the dead sea, south of Jericho. These scrolls were papyrus and were written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Most of the rolls date from between 250 B.C. and 66 A.D.

The manuscripts were hid and brought to safety, in caves, in front of the Roman invasion they foresaw was going to wipe it all out. They were stored inside ceramic vessels as protection.

You will now be able to have your own Qumran vessel to store the most important papyrus rolls.

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