Sculpture. Cupid. Winged boy. 78x29cm

Sculpture. Cupid. Winged boy. 78x29cm

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Figure of high quality made in reconstituted stone (stone dust with resin). The patina of aging is applied with natural earth. Marble- and stone- textures. The texture of the stone and marble suggest that we are touching the original of an ancient sculpture.

Statue perfectly prepared for the decoration of exterior, such as gardens and terraces or for interior (halls, receivers, libraries, offices, etc.).

In Roman mythology, Cupid is the God of love. This is equivalent to the Eros of Greek mythology, with Kamadeva in Hindu Mythology. Its Latin name means "desire".

He is the son of Venus and Mars. Awarded the creation of loves and passions between mortals and is usually represented by a winged child (like an Angel). As son of the gods of war and love, Cupid is the God of love, thus creating a balance between love and the tragedy...

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