Figure Cupid and Psyche. 14.5x10x17.5 cm

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Figure Cupid and Psyche. 14.5x10x17.5 cm

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Figures of metallic resin. Universal art reproductions made ​​with great detail. Figure of synthetic resin of high density metal baths, and / or multi-colored (bronze, copper, zinc, and so on). Decorative elements of great beauty and detail. Gods, heroes and mythological themes from antiquity. Greece, Rome, Neoclassicism, Egypt, Art Deco. A wide range of exceptional quality.

At the late age of poetry and Hellenistic and Roman art belongs the emotional story of Psyche -the epitome of a loving soul, or, in other times, a butterfly, which has the same name-.

Psyche, after what tells the story, was the beautiful daughter of a king. The fame of her beauty attracted the jealousy of Aphrodite, to get rid of their rivals, she ordered her son Cupid to abzohalten a visit to the Princess, and to inspire their love for a common man.

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