Neoclassical bronzes, Art Nouveau, fountain

Neoclassical bronzes, Art Nouveau, fountain
In decorarconarte we have given a strong boost to sculptures and decoration elements made of bronze. We think that the bronze is a noble material, whose duration over time converts to objects cast in this alloy as old, in highly valued elements, and that are inherited from generation to genenracion. This makes sculptures in bronze a real economic investment as well as aesthetics.

We present a selection of sculptures in bronze human figures of different styles: art deco, Art Nouveau, neo-classical, modern. Also sources for garden and large sculptures.

On the other hand are reproductions of ancient Iberian, Roman bronzes and tartessians constituting our catalogue.

The bronze is a great investment, a good gift and a great element for gardens, terraces and interior decoration.



Cabecera-bronces-figuras-humanas-b Cabecera-bronces-animales-b Cabecera-bronces-Fuentes-b
 Bronze human figures Bronzes of figures of animals Bronze fonts
Cabecera-bronces-lamparas-candelabros-b Cabecera-bronces-mesas-peanas-copas-b Cabecera-bronces-romanos-2-b
Chandeliers and bronze Lamps Tables, tops and bases of bronze  Roman and Iberian bronzes


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