Islamic Art

Islamic Art

We present in this section pieces and decorative elements of Islamic art.

To understand and detect any aesthetic manifestation of the Islam, we must free ourselves from all other cultural influences to dive in the Muslim culture, especially in the Arab world. A strong religious character predominates in it, but without any representations of animals or people. The drawings and geometric forms, the repetitive rhythms and the inscriptions of texts from the Koran are mixed with the importance of water and light.

In our collection you will find magnificent reliefs in reconstituted marble with inscriptions and architectural replicas of the Alhambra or the Mosque of Cordoba.

You will also find a section of unique pieces of Nasrid ceramics with golden reflections, made in the most prestigious Potteries of the world.

We have also incorporated fountains, antique ceramic lamps, ceramic and pillars of the Arab world.

Reliefs, epigraphs and capitals   Various items decoration and gift.

Reliefs, epigraphs and capitals.


Various items decoration and gift.