Personal busts and portraits

Personal busts and portraits












From "" we want to offer you the chance to design your own project of personalized sculptures.

Busts, portraits, commemorative sculptures in clay, bronze or reconstituted marble.


Since time immemorial man always wanted to perpetuate his thoughts or of his loved ones. One of the best ways is through the sculptures by busts and portraits.

The busts are made first in clay, with the original model or a photography of all possible angles.

The produced clay figure is then cured in an oven. Their completion can be made in Terracotta or Patinated if they prefer this material.

The work can also be made in reconstituted marble or bronze, therefore, from the original work must be produced a casting mould.

The level of realism of the work is always Satisfactory. The customer can, if he can not appear in person, request a course of the work by photographic documentation by email.












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