Head portrait of Alexander the Great. 51cm.

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Head portrait of Alexander the Great. 51cm.

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Sculpture made of reconstituted marble (70% marble dust + chronolite) of the head of Alexander the Great.

  • Total measurements: Height: 51 cm; width: 23 cm; depth: 27 cm.
  • Measurement of the head without the base: Height: 31 cm; width: 23 cm; depth: 27 cm


The original is a marble portrait of Alexander the Great dating from the 3rd century BC. It is in the Archaeological Museum in Pella, Central Macedonia, Greece.

Alexander the Great (336-323 B.C.) is one of the most fascinating characters in world history. Few men have reached such a "legendary" position as the Macedonian king.

During his reign, he completely changed the political and cultural structure of the area by conquering the Achaemenid Empire and initiating an era of extraordinary cultural exchange, in which the Greeks expanded into the Mediterranean and the Near East. This is the so-called Hellenistic period (323 BC - 30 BC)
In its thirty-two years of life, its Empire extended from Greece to the Indus valley in the East and to Egypt in the West, where it founded the city of Alexandria. He sought the unity of peoples beyond their religion and culture based on the best of the human being.






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