Alcazar of Segovia. 26x17x15 cm

Alcazar of Segovia. 26x17x15 cm

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In the 15th Century the Kings John II and Henri IV transformed the interior of the old fortress of the XIII, erected at the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Clamores, in a sumptuous Gothic palace presided over by a new tower of homage, with its exterior decorated with the Typical Segovian graffiti. The war of the communities ruined the building, taking care of Charles V to rebuild it with a marked palatial character. However, his characteristic silhouette is the work of the reign of Philip II, who imposed on him his taste for the Nordic architectural elements: staggered pine nuts, spires and slate roofs. Charles III installed the Artillery Academy there, transferred in 1862, when the Alcazar was destroyed by a fire. The restoration accentuated its romantic silhouette, according to the prevailing tastes in the last century.

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