Quart towers in Valencia. 9x11x12 cm

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It is a part of the original wall of Valencia, built by order of Peter of Aragon in the fourteenth century and destroyed in 1865, where now only two entrances are left. One of them is called the Door of Cuarte (Torres de Quart), built in the middle of the XV century (1441-1460) by Master Pedro Bofill.

Inspired by Neapolitan buildings, the door has two large, robust and semi cylindrical towers.
Due to its outstanding defense, lack openings to the outside, while it has inside on the facade overlooking the city, has a dense network of doors and stairs giving access to the interior of horse mackerel. Their sobriety is accentuated by minimal change battlements and some other fascia at the front door and side access set up different design. An architectural example that summarizes the pride and power of the city of Valencia at other times in its history.

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