Denderah Zodiac. 29 x 29 cm

Denderah Zodiac. 29 x 29 cm

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High quality figure in reconstituted marble (resin + powder and marble grain). Patina of aged with natural lands and polychrome. Reproductions or inspirations in old models. 

Reproduction Dimensions: High: 29 cm; Width: 29 cm; Depth: 1.5 cm
Denderah Zodiac
Hathor Temple. Ptolemaic epoch.
In the center of this zodiac you can see the constellations circumpolar. In turn, the zodiacal constellations are placed in a spiral curve with center in the hippo. Finally, in the circumference of the outer disc are the Thirty-six deans or geniuses of the weeks.
The original piece is located in the Louvre Museum. 

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